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What We Do


Are you wondering why every time it rains, it looks like a waterfall coming off of your roof? This could be the cause of clogged gutters or rainspouts. This can cause damage to the underside of your roof and can start working its way down the inside of your walls and cause foundation damage. Gutters are one of the most important parts of the house and everyone should take proper measures in order to keep them clean. 


If your property is looking a little gloomy, what better way to brighten it then by having your house/siding soft washed. We take great pride and safety in  treating your house while removing algae, pollen, mold, dirt and grime by using environmentally safe cleaning products. 


Have you ever noticed growth or discoloration on your roof? This  indicates that you have algae, moss, or lichen growing and slowly eating away at the lifespan of your roof.  Requiring replacement much sooner than anticipated. We use low pressure soft washing and cleaning techniques to make sure no damage is done to your roof while removing the negative substances.


These services will help boost curb appeal and keep your property looking top notch. 

Wood decks can accumulate mold growth over time, which can  lead to deterioration and even destruction of the wood. We can soft wash or totally strip decks then paint or reseal. 

Wood fences: can be pressure washed resealed or painted. 

Vinyl & Metal : Soft washed

Patios & Sidewalks: we pre treat & use a surface cleaner for a nice even cleaned surface. 


Businesses with multiple vehicles, tractor trailers, or heavy equipment hitting the roads and highways daily can take a toll on your fleet. 

Whether it's road salt, or any other contaminants, we can help keep your fleet looking sharp! 


If you are looking to give your commercial property a face lift, a good cleaning or it just needs a little TLC to help stand out amoung the competiton we can help! 

commercial services include:

  • school buildings 

  • gas stations

  • restaurants: kitchens, walkins

  • store fronts 

  • parking garages 

  • shopping centers 

  • much more...... 

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

At Unicorn Pressure Washing we stand by our work with  our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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